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Fisheye Objective Lenses: Excellent Images with Large Picture Angle

With our fisheye objective lenses, you can map surface ratios or radial distances faithfully and optimally capture even very wide image fields

Image angles of 180 degrees or more are not achievable using conventional projection methods. Our fisheye objective lenses map one or more hemispheres with minimal distortion on the image plane. For wide-angle images, you can choose from several models:

2/3“ Video Objective Lens (6.8-mm image)

Jenoptik has set a new standard with this extremely wide-angle objective lens. The ten-part optical design produces sharp high-contrast images in an image field of up to 185 degrees.

35 mm SLR Fisheye Objective Lens (22-mm image)

This spherical fisheye objective lens captures an image field of up to 185 degrees with an image circle diameter of 22 mm. The objective lens has very low f-theta distortion. It features an adjustable iris and manual focus, allowing you to create sharp, wide-area images, such as in astrophotography, remote sensing or with hemispherical imaging instruments.


  • Sharp: High-contrast images in an image field of up to 185 degrees
  • Precise: Very low f-theta distortion
  • User-friendly: Can be used with manually adjustable iris and focus

Fields of Application

  • Astrophotography: Wide-area images
  • Remote sensing: Wide-area images
  • Hemispherical imaging instruments: Wide-area images

2/3“ Video Objective Lens

2/3“ Video Objective Lens
 Focal length:  2.16 mm
 Iris range:  f/3.3 – f/16
 Image field:  185 degrees
 Image size:  j 6.8 mm dia
 Iris  Manual
 Focus:  Manual
 Rear section width:  11.4 mm
 Attachment:  C-thread

35 mm SLR Objective Lens

35 mm SLR Fisheye Objective Lens
 Objective lens design:  6 groups/10 elements
 Maximum aperture:  f/5.2
 Image field:  185 degrees
 Image diameter:  14.9 mm
 F-theta distortion:  < 6 %
 Attachment:  F-mount or EOS mount
 Dimensions (diameter x length):  82.87 mm x 101 mm

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