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JENOPTIK-VOTAN? W Laser Welding System for Efficient Plastic Welding

Using energy-efficient diode technology, the JENOPTIK-VOTAN? W laser welding system is fast and reliable, and can join plastics without damaging the material or leaving a visible mark.

Laser Welding System JENOPTIK-VOTAN? W with Automatic Hatch

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® W is a powerful laser welding system that joins plastics efficiently, quickly and reliably using free-radiating diode technology. The process joins components with minimal thermal or mechanical load and without leaving any marks on the components. The weld seams are very strong and reproducible.

At the heart of every JENOPTIK-VOTAN® W laser welding system is the free-radiating diode technology. Jenoptik has developed the diode laser line that can be switched on and off section by section specifically for large components. It consists of eight diode laser submounts in a compact housing, and creates a consistent line with a total length of around 100 mm. Each of these submounts can be switched on or off individually depending on the contour you want to weld.

If several diode laser lines are arranged as an overall line (diode nest), components of almost all sizes can be joined very productively in just one run. The laser welding process is therefore extremely productive and saves operating costs. The laser welding system is already used successfully in industry.

Benefits of the Laser Welding System

  • Non-contact and vibration-free: Weld parts without mechanical or thermal loads.
  • Highly robust: Hermetically sealed weld seams with an inherent strength of around 90percent.
  • Clean: No emissions, no flash and no burr formation.
  • Non-damaging and aesthetic: Reduced wall thicknesses in joined components.
  • Economic: Highly efficient process with minimal operating costs, and very flexible in the event of plant changes.
  • Monitored: Thermal monitoring of the welding process.

Fields of Application

    • Automotive industry: Laser welding of plastic parts.
    • Household goods industry: Laser welding of displays and housings.
    • Medical technology: Laser welding of blood glucose monitors, catheters, dialysis machines.
    • Consumer electronics: Reliable joining of plastic components.

Applications of the Laser Welding System

Animation: Laser welding system JENOPTIK-VOTAN? W - Laser welding of plastics

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