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JENOPTIK-VOTAN? BIM Laser Cutting Machine: High-Precision 3D Cutting of Metal and Plastic Parts

With the laser cutting machine from Jenoptik, you can process 3D components at high speeds according to your exact specifications.

Laser Cutting Machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN? BIM

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM laser cutting machine is ideal for 3D laser cutting of metals and plastics. The innovative robot technology processes complex components— quickly, effectively and precisely. It sets new standards, particularly in the metal industry.

Our mirror system inside the lightweight robot guides the light onto the cutting head. The individual mirrors are actively cooled, and precisely guide the beam through all axes. There is no need for a moving light guide cable, which makes the laser cutting machine very streamline and lightweight. The cutting head has plenty of room, and is therefore very mobile, allowing access even to places that are hard to reach.

The laser cutting machine is the ideal tool for processing 3D components. Even with the extremely short cycle times, the contours are cut incredibly precisely. The high cutting and adjustment speed significantly accelerates the process. The system is dynamic and can be perfectly tailored to the component.

Thanks to the modular structure of the core components, the laser cutting machine can be effortlessly integrated into your system. The compact system design ensures that both commissioning and service costs are kept to a minimum. You will receive a reliable laser system that is already used successfully by over 200 companies in the automotive industry. We would be happy to develop a laser cutting machine specifically tailored to your needs verified in our advanced application center.

Interview in from 11th of decembre 2017 with the topic: "Laser Cutting Robot Transmits Beam Through Hollow Internal Path".

Benefits Laser Cutting Machine

  • Extremely fast: The laser processes 3D components at top speed.
  • Precise: The laser cutting machine precisely follows the contour and ensures maximum accessibility to the workpiece.
  • Powerful: Laser power of up to 4kW possible.
  • Energy-efficient: Based on our reliable fiber laser technology and CO2 laser technology.
  • Cost-effective: Minimal operating costs and service costs.
  • Reliable: Over 200 laser processing systems currently used successfully in automotive manufacturing.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: 3D laser processing of plastic and metal components.

Applications of the laser cutting machine

Basic Information


The concept behind the JENOPTIK – VOTAN® BIM series is based on a beam guide inside the robot. Different laser sources with a power of up to 4 kW can be used without the need for a complex external beam guide. Several laser cutting robots can be integrated into a single machine in order to achieve a higher output by parallel material processing at a significantly reduced floor space. Furthermore our robot based machines are the first to enable a complete line integration of the laser cutting process.

Laser Cutting Machine: High-Precision Cutting of Metal

Turnkey system

JENOPTIK – VOTAN? BIM is a highly flexible plug & play system. It can be equipped with the suitable laser for your specific plastic or metal application. As an option, we provide integrated solutions for waste disposal and exhaust air cleaning. To increase the working envelope and productivity two robot modules can be placed into one standard machine setup at nearly the same footprint.

Customized solutions based on BIM modules

The JENOPTIK – VOTAN? BIM modular set up enables customized laser processing systems for laser cutting at higher automation levels. By arranging multiple robot systems and multi purpose fixtures inside of a single cell the productivity per floor space can be dramatically increased. The target of JENOPTIK – VOTAN? BIM is to accompany our customers on the way to a fully integrated and automated laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine: automated production line for car body assembly

Automated lines for car body assembly

Beyond laser cutting our extended know how in the field of customized automation will benefit you with tailored robotized solutions for material processing needs like welding, hemming, gluing, riveting and other joining technologies.

A clear focus on fully line integrated systems, maximum throughput paired with highest flexibility is our driving factor for your next project.


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