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Border security: Record and analyse ANPR data in real time

Increased civil security: VECTOR2 cameras and TraffiData analysis software record vehicles at borders and evaluate ANPR data in compliance with legal requirements.

Police and security authorities use automatic number plate recognition to monitor and control regional and national borders. All over the world, vehicles crossing borders are being controlled. The objective is to quickly identify crime and thereby increase civil security. Many countries are already using Jenoptik's advanced technology to combat organised crime and terrorism.

VECTOR² ANPR cameras and TraffiData analysis software make border security fast, reliable and effective, saving time and money on both sides. VECTOR² cameras deliver clear and high-resolution images in daylight, in the dark and at poor visibility locations such as tunnels, bridges and harbours. Recorded ANPR data is processed in a data centre no matter how many cameras are installed at different locations.

TraffiData analysis software evaluates the ANPR data in real time, compares it against police watch lists, and automatically reports suspect vehicles. Algorithms reconstruct movement patterns, departure points and links to other vehicles. This helps police and security authorities to create criminal profiles and detect criminal behaviour. ANPR data that doesn’t return any hits against watch lists is deleted either immediately or after a specified time. TraffiData software therefore complies with data protection regulations and strictly adheres to legal requirements.

Benefits to you

  • Saves time and costs: ANPR saves personnel costs and resources and prevents long waits at borders.
  • Reliable: VECTOR² cameras deliver high-resolution images.
  • Targeted: The analysis software filters the data according to relevant information.
  • Data protection compliant: The ANPR data is compared against watch lists and immediately deleted when no hits are returned.
  • Competent: Jenoptik experts have gained years of experience from working on international projects.
  • Easy to use: VECTOR² cameras and software can be quickly installed, configured and operated.
  • Durable: VECTOR² cameras are particularly robust and built to withstand harsh environments.


  • Border security: Police and security authorities can use Jenoptik’s ANPR solutions to automatically record number plates and analyse the data in real time.

Products for border security

VECTOR2 automatic number plate recognition camera

VECTOR² cameras: Controlling borders in real time

VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik capture number plates automatically and increase civil security.

A network of powerful VECTOR² ANPR cameras reliably detects the vehicles crossing borders. The cameras deliver high-resolution images even at poor visibility locations such as tunnels, bridges and harbours.

Automatic number plate recognition functions in real time. Data from all VECTOR² cameras is automatically processed and analysed in a data centre using TraffiData analysis software, whether the cameras are installed at single or multiple locations. Police and security authorities are then promptly alerted when a suspect vehicle approaches a border thereby helping them to increase civil security.


  • High resolution: VECTOR² cameras deliver clear images day and night.
  • Automatic: VECTOR² cameras record and process data in real time.
  • Flexible: New cameras are quick and easy to install using the existing network, for permanent or temporary traffic surveillance.
  • Individualised: Our experts have years of experience provide competent advice and deliver projects to precisely meet requirements.


  • National and international borders: VECTOR² cameras enable police and security authorities to record vehicles on bridges, in tunnels and at ports.

TraffiData analysis software

Big data management: TraffiData for reliable data evaluation

TraffiData analysis software processes data from VECTOR² cameras in real time, for optimal automatic number plate recognition.

At borders around the world, VECTOR² cameras are recording large amounts of ANPR data every day. TraffiData analysis software stores this information, evaluates it and automatically compares it against watch lists.

ANPR data analysis takes place in real time to promptly alert police and security services when a suspect vehicle approaches a border, enabling a quick response. TraffiData uses algorithms to identify movement patterns and to reconstruct routes and links to other vehicles.

All information is stored in accordance with legal requirements and data protection regulations with ANPR data deleted immediately or after a specified time if there are no matches found when compared to watch lists. Reliable big data management is the basis for effective police and security work, increasing civil security by facilitating prompt identification of criminal acts and organised crime.


  • Instant: TraffiData processes recorded ANPR data in real time.
  • Retrospective: TraffiData can analyse ANPR data retrospectively and reconstruct the routes and movement patterns of suspect vehicles.
  • Targeted: TraffiData software can be individually adapted to different needs.
  • Efficient: A search function enables specific ANPR data to be found quickly and easily.


  • Regional and national borders: TraffiData analysis software evaluates large amounts of ANPR data to increase civil security.

Increase public safety by using intelligent solutions from Jenoptik

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